Friday, September 12, 2008

TRES BIEN (September 4th)

Where do I start?! The food was absolutely excellent! As Wendy described, our family dinner was a “huge success.” Plus, we spent a lot less money by preparing our own food together than going out to a restaurant, and considering that we’re stranded in a foreign land for three months without a salary (well, most of us), learning to economize is definitely important.

Even the men who live in apartments in our hallway (they attend school in Chicago and are studying in France for the next for months as well) came slowly out of their little studios to find out what we were up to! Unfortunately, it totally sucked to be them because we definitely didn’t offer them any of our extras.

In conclusion, Wendy promised us that the family dinner can be a weekly occurrence. She wants us to try new meals each time and practice our cooking skills. I wonder what we'll prepare next time? I'll keep you posted, no worries.

Avec l'Amour,


It helps immensely to have Ricki’s room and Paige’s room right across from one another. We not only are able to keep the doors open and gain more than twice the space, but we gain two stove tops, two kitchen sized sinks, and just enough space to finally sit down and enjoy the product we construct. I just hope that they don’t mind us always meeting up in their personal spaces. Maybe we can find a different location to hold our classes. I believe there is a community room being put together under my residence, so we’ll just have to wait and see if it’ll be open for use. I sure hope so though! I kind of like having my private space, and I wouldn’t want everyone cramming into a bedroom/apartment for a lesson on French history or Dance Criticism. That’s just definitely not a very appealing prospect.

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