Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HOMMES (September 8th)

Mmm… French men. Hommes. What is there to say? What is there NOT to say? Let me put it this way: I got hit on by a French man when he was stamping my passport at the airport in Lyon, okay? I didn’t even get out of the airport before the craziness ensued! The men of this country are not afraid to flirt with women, and on that note, catcalls and the like seem well accepted here. It’s a normal part of every woman’s everyday life. On a trip home from the market, for example, I had a man very directly address me in such a manner. Of course, I no longer remember what his exact words were, but considering that I’m already happily taken, it’s not the slightest bit important. However, considering I’d only been in France three days and was approached twice, I think it’s easy to see my main point.

On a more direct note, the men here are most definitely attractive (and I’m not lying ladies). They dress impeccably, have a great amount of confidence, and have a very sophisticated heir about them. Not to mention, they’re French! That most definitely scores them points in the accent and foreign nationality category (at least in my book). Finally, they seem to all be rather romantic judging by their actions when women are involved. They hold hands, seem to caress their partner when they place their arm about her waist, and they actually look into her eyes when she’s speaking. Does it get anymore romantic?

Speaking of (err… maybe this is more of a side note), it seems to me that everyone in Lyon is extremely PDA happy. Although we may not be used to watching young couples literally making out on a park bench that just happens to be facing a busy intersection, the French seem to have no trouble with it at all. In fact, only our small group of girls tends to be the ones to point out these displays of affection while giggling. Of course, it is a little painful to watch when you can’t hold hands or hug or kiss the one you call your own, but it’s supposed to be love, right? And it’s France. Paris is most definitely known for its romantic tendencies… and it now seems to me they have expanded their way into Lyon. It’s beautiful. I wish all those couples the best of luck, life, and love.

Avec l'Amour,

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