Thursday, September 11, 2008


Before arriving in Lyon, I was specifically asked by my accompanying professor, Wendy Dwyer, if I would be willing to be the official memoirist of our group’s travels. Obviously, when one is presented with such an amazing opportunity, she never says no. In fact, I’m pretty sure I accepted the proposition without the slightest hint of hesitation… and now, as the trip draws nearer, I’m extremely hesitant to write anything! What if I can’t fully describe and expand upon the experience? What if my experience is too personal and doesn’t compare to that of the other girls’? What if I just mess up this whole blogging thing?

Well, I guess I’m just hoping that I don’t. But here’s my disclaimer/warning: My entries are all going to be about personal experience. They’re going to bias. They’re gonna be written in the first person (mostly), and I don’t mean for them to sum up anyone else’s opinions or emotions. As far as I’m concerned, this is my journal for the trip. Welcome to it.

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