Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes, I know. It must seem commonsense that we, the Lovely Ladies of Lyon, would never be able to forget our three month long trip to France. I mean, no one could ever imagine completely shutting out such an amazing experience from her mind. However, I feel as though I have an important fact to clarify. Just like all other extraordinary opportunities in life (such as attending Franklin Pierce University), we aren’t solely going to remember our experiences when confronted with a blatant picture of the Eiffel Tower. On the contrary, our memories are going to be triggered by all the little things that have contributed to our French experience, and only we are fully going to understand their meaning and significance in the overall picture of France and our lives. No matter whether the memories are amusing, disheartening, exciting, daunting, or frightening, they’re almost certainly going to be effortlessly conjured up in the most ridiculous settings in our future lives, and at the particular moment in time, we may not have anyone to reminisce with about them. However, we do have cell phones in America, and texting can be the perfect way to quickly share this knowledge, so it isn’t much for us to worry about. In any case, as our French experience comes to an end, we’ve tried to identify some of the little things that will forever generate memories. Below is the “Official” list. Please be aware that a majority was required for each of the following items to be featured. Enjoy!

  • Official Address: 19 rue Honoré de Balzac, Villeurbanne, France
  • Official Best GA: Christine Lewis
  • Official Book: France by Colin Jones (Cambridge Illustrated History)
  • Official Club: Dance Boats on the Seine River
  • Official Supermarket: The Super U
  • Official Form of Dance Exposure: “Contemporary”
  • Official French Phrase: “Avec La Gauche!”
  • Official French Rapper: Sefyu
  • Official French Song: "Champs-Elysees"
  • Official Game: Spite & Fury (Gotta love cards!)
  • Official Instrument: Accordion
  • Official Metro: A 
  • Official Non-Shopping Day: Sunday (Can you believe even the mall is closed? And don’t even try to go food shopping after 12:00PM. It’d be pointless. Trust us.)
  • Official Pet Peeve: Waiting extended periods of time for the trams to arrive
  • Official Professor: Wendy Dwyer
  • Official Soundtrack: Disney’s Mulan
  • Official Tram: T3

Avec l'Amour,

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