Wednesday, November 19, 2008


  • Louis and Auguste Lumiére (brothers) were two of the earliest filmmakers.
  • Both grew up together and attended college in Lyon, France.
  • The Lumiére Villa was their home and used to be referred to as the “Lumiére Castle” by local inhabitants of Monplaisir, the neighborhood where it is located.
  • Today, this Villa houses the Lumiére Museum.
  • In March of 1985, the Lumiéres set up their Cinematograph and made their first film: La Sortie de usines Lumiére.
  • The First Film Warehouse appears in the background of this film!
  • La Sortie de usines Lumiére was first shown in December of 1895.
  • Even though they received numerous offers, the Lumiére brothers refused to sell their Cinematograph because they preferred to retain control.
  • They sent trained operatives around the world to bring back images so that they could show “the world” the world.
  • Louis Lumiére invented the photorama in 1901, which enabled photographs to be projected into a six-meter high, 360-degree panorama!
  • There is a replica of this photorama, which contains an image of Marseille, in the Lumiére Museum.
  • Both brothers also made advancements in medicine such as “Lumiére tulle gras,” a dressing for burns, and mechanical hands made in the form of hooks and clamps.

Well, I didn’t know any of these facts until Wendy brought us to the Musée Lumiére on Tuesday afternoon! As you can probably tell, it was a very intriguing experience, and I learned a lot of new information of which I had never previously found myself curious. Plus, I got some amazing photographs of the different devices featured in each of the Villa’s rooms including the Cinematograph and two of the highly intriguing mechanical hands that the brothers’ designed.

Of course, it wasn’t until I got back to my residence that I took a second look at all of my images and came to a stunning realization: I had captured something else on film, which could be considered “highly intriguing.” In a photograph that was intended to capture the view outside of one of the Lumiére brother’s bedroom windows, I captured a clear reflection of a man: A balding, older man baring a stunning resemblance to Mr. Lumiére himself. Was it a ghost? Is it just my imagination? I’m not sure anyone can be entirely certain, but the mystifying picture along with an image of Mr. Lumiére is featured below for your viewing pleasure.

Avec l'Amour,

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